“The people of Fort Wayne can be proud of how their police have confronted the drug crisis.  But our success cannot be limited to one city or one area of policing.  I feel a need to share my experience with drug related issues, but I have worked all my years in Allen County looking for solutions in serving all the needs of our county and, as your next Sheriff, I pledge to lead the way!”

True Public Servant

Kevin Hunter has served on the Fort Wayne Police Department for the past 32 years. He graduated from the FBI Academy and has worked as a hostage negotiator worldwide. Widely respected in local law enforcement and a trusted friend and neighbor to his community, Kevin Hunter is the right person to serve as the next Sheriff of Allen County.

Protecting our Community

As a police Captain in FWPD’s Vice and Narcotics Unit, Kevin has seen the destructive toll of the drug crisis on individuals and their families. He is a staunch supporter of police action to eliminate illegal drugs and drug traffickers at the same time that he supports offering hope and recovery to those struggling with addiction. But narcotics issues are not his only focus.  As Sheriff, Kevin will guide his office and officers in better collaboration methods, working with other police units, public service agencies, and the community to address our biggest concerns. 

Cutting-Edge Law Enforcement

Under Kevin’s leadership, FWPD has adopted new and better ways to combat the drug crisis. Kevin is ready to discover new methods, target areas of concern, and build training programs to help our Officers be the best they can be. 

Commitment to the Community

As your Sheriff, 


I promise to lead a department that is transparent in all that we do.  I promise that I will make safety and security a top priority.


To those men and women currently serving in the Allen County Sheriff’s Department, I promise to ask for your input and to listen to your ideas on how to make the Sheriff’s Department a better place.

I promise to use my active listening skills to hear what the community needs from their Sheriff’s department, to listen to their concerns, and address their most pressing issues.  


I promise to educate our community and officers about how being aware of the effects of trauma on people’s behavior can improve criminal justice system responses.


I promise to address mental health issues by collaborating with treatment providers to create the best possible outcomes for people who are mentally ill and in crisis.  This will include additional training for all officers in the area of crisis intervention and suicide prevention.


I promise to be proactive in dealing with the Allen County Jail.  I have spoken with Sheriffs from around Indiana and have heard them say their biggest challenges come from their jails.  I’ve been told that 80% of the inmates in jails are there due to alcohol or drug issues.  80%!  There are currently programs used in Indiana that help incarcerated individuals get connected to treatment services while in jail.  I promise to address the substance use disorder issues that plague our community by initiating a Jail Chemical Addiction Program in the Allen County Jail.  This program will help people who are incarcerated and have substance use disorder get the treatment they so badly need. This will help get them on the road to recovery and stop them from entering the criminal justice system. Lowering recidivism rates will lower the numbers of people entering the jail, and ultimately lower costs.  This program will save taxpayers money and get people on the road to recovery!


I promise to lead the Allen County Sheriff’s Department with integrity and transparency and will collaborate with others to serve and protect the people of Allen County.